• Emile Harmon Is An Experienced And Accomplished Civil Rights Lawyer In Arizona

  • Posted on June 11, 2015
  • Emile Harmon has been working as a Civil Rights Lawyer for many years in Arizona. He is an attorney who is both experienced and accomplished in his field. Over the course of his career, he has proven that he knows exactly what he is doing in the courtroom or with the law. He knows how to help his clients, even if it is a seemingly impossible situation.

    There is no case too big for Emile Harmon, he is committed to seeing every single case through for his clients. He has seen it all over the course of his career and has proven he has what it takes. His track record speaks to his success as an attorney. Emile Harmon founded the Harmon Law Office in Arizona and is currently still running it.

    Emile Harmon was born in Boston and still retains a bit of the accent today! When he was young, he spent a good deal of time working in his parents' law firm, where the importance of professionalism and experience were impressed upon him. He would eventually found Harmon Law Office, now with offices in Phoenix and Tempe. He founded this firm in order to carry on the legacy of his parents' successful law firm.

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